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Ambu Bag, O2 Tubing Reservoir


The bag is textured for an enhanced, non-slip grip, and the premium, soft cushion mask allows for an effective seal on the patient's face.  Lightweight, translucent bag body and components allow for visualization of vomitus or occlusions in the system.  The patient port swivels 360 degrees, allowing the clinician freedom to move around the patient without placing excessive torque or stress on the endotracheal tube or mask.  The body of the bag swivels 360 degrees, allowing for multiple clinician hand positions, helping to reduce clinician fatigue and providing greater patient comfort.  Bright red, universal O2 tubing connector provides easy confirmation that the resuscitation bag is attached to the flowmeter.  Infant, pediatric and adult sizes available, with masks.  Reservoir style is available in bag or tubing.


This devices is applied to the mouth or attached to the endotracheal tube of an inadequately breathing patient.  It is used to manually breath for the patient.