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empower to survive, train to prevail

Medical Tactics For Law Enforcement is a full day course developed by Dr. Andrew Dennis, a trauma surgeon at cook county hospital and a SWAT police officer. Medical Tactics for LE was developed to teach LEO's the skills they need to survive traumatic injury before EMS arrives on the scene. The goal of the course is to empower officers to survive and train them to prevail.

This intensive hands on workshop seeks to enhance officer survival by separating fact from fiction regarding wounds, ballistics, mindset, and medical tactics. We teach proven hands on techniques to treat bleeding, prevent shock, and maintain the airway as well as mental approaches to stay in the fight or to extract to safety. The course goes beyond basic self aid/buddy aid and is designed specifically for officers with little or no prior medical training. Each officer will come away with practical skills along with a detailed course book and Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit (T.R.I.K).