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Staged Trans-Abdominal Wall Traction (Tawt) As a Means to Recapture Abdominal Domain While Preventing Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in Both the Acute and the Chronic Giant Ventral Hernia.

July 2011 | The American Surgeon ยท July Supplement

Dennis AJ, Steinberg J, Anderson R, Bokhari F, Starr F, Poulakedidas S, Nagy K, Wiley D. Joseph K, Valentino D, Roberts R. JSH Cook County Hospital, Department of Trauma Rush University, Department of Surgery, Chicago, Illinois, United State

excerpt... Conclusion: TAWT is a superior technique to other options for managing and closing acute and chronic giant ventral hernias. TAWT preserves the leading fascial edge, recaptures domain by stretching the oblique muscles, protects from ACS, and eliminates the need for bridges, components separation and large skin flaps. In our practice, it has virtually eliminated the acceptance of skin grafted ventral hernias as the means of open abdomen management, and is changing the way we manage all ventral hernias.


Written by Medical Tactics — July 03, 2012